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About ME

Ozden Karababa was born in 1972 in Istanbul, Turkey. She lives in the Netherlands since 2007.

Karababa received her bachelor's degree in Mathematics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. 

Shortly after getting started in photography in 1995, she set up her own darkroom for developing her B&W films. She followed courses, workshops and seminars. 

In 2003 she started to publish travel photo’s and articles in different Turkish magazines.  

In 2012 she exhibited her first solo exhibition “Turks behind the dikes”. 

In 2014 she worked on Cordon Vitality Hotel Amsterdam art project, which consists of a series of photographs of Amsterdam and Istanbul.  

Currently she is working on the screenplay of her first short film. At the same time, she is preparing an educational program and exhibition for emphasising gender gap. 


Solo Exhibitions and projects

2012  Turks Behind The Dikes exhibition/ Amsterdam, Den Haag, Leiden, Istanbul 

2014  Cordon Vitality Hotel art project / Amsterdam

2015  Inside Out exhibition/ Amsterdam, Utrecht,Den Haag

Inside Out seminar / University of Den Haag

2016  Becoming Who I Am photo book / The Netherlands